Vol 1 | 2012

so this is it!

something ive been wanting to do for awhile.
this mix represents alot of hard work from everybody in the battles.
seriously humbled by the producers on the boards,
and i wanted a way to showcase our work.

didnt get a chance to put everyone in there,
and i wanted to put a few that have taken their beats down…

each track features a winning beat from every producer.
one beat per person.

dont consider this mix complete, but more of a sampler for the beat battles.
apologies for my shitty mixing 🙂

hope you enjoy


1) enzoeyeris – Days Are Numbered
2) MONEXUS – Untitled Beat (Edit)
3) Teje – Untitled Beat
4) uPprhand – Finally
5) P.SUS – Future Funk Style
6) dtunez – Noisy Dörty
7) Beatronome – For What It’s Worth
8) djerratic – Transition
10) HIGHYENA – I (Matriach Remix)
11) Raj Mahal – Karma (Rocks & Blows)
12) OSØ – Up Next
13) Irmusic – We Could
14) Meerdat – What We Wanted
15) MellowYouth – Warm Kitty
16) Heavy Drama – Pre-Xmas Chill
17) arX – Untitled Beat
18) dinobeatz – Whattaduck
19) PΣƬ VІЯƲS- Lifted
20) b❍Ƞucci1k –  Waterflows
21) NΩmaD – SendaiFlyBy
22) StR©K – The What
23) GoodWilL – Unititled Beat
24) Deliuan – Last Minutes
25) Es-K – Blue
26) MilkyWay – Untitled Beat
27) jams beats – Untitled Beat
28) beatfux – floating
29) Jeriko Jackson – We Shall Overcome
30) Shatter Hands – Nothing To Do
31) BEN BADA BOOM – Riot
32) S.F.T. – Counting Beats
33) Champ Neptune – Shame On Fate
34) Seize Beats – It Takes Practice

2 comments on “Vol 1 | 2012

  1. dude i listened to this many times now, love it. anytime you want to throw a mix of my shit together id be more than honored to throw you the tracks… mad respect!

    also, maybe an idea, have a few honorable mentions listed in each weeks winner spot, like their name as the link to their pages…. just speakin for everyone here, could spark a lil more attenion to deserving heads. mellow youth for pres!

    • thanks man,
      i like the honorable mentions idea. ill start putting up the 2nd place votes on there too.. i got something in the works for the next mixtape

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